Partnerships-A huge part of Shawn’s success

Over the years Shawn has been able to put together many successful co-owner partnerships on some of the best dogs to ever run in Shooting Dog competition.  Dogs like, Hall of Fame Elhew Sunflower and Elhew Swami were co-owned as well as the 2009-2010 Top Shooting Dog, Coveyrise Offlee Amazin.

Partnerships like this are a great and maybe more affordable way for you to get involved in campaigning a dog on the Major Circuit.  If you have a great prospect but are unsure if you can afford to give him the chance to show what he can do at the highest level, contact Shawn he may have a person who is interested in co-owning a dog with you.  Or if you are thinking you would like to get involved with a great dog on the circuit contact Shawn he may just have a situation where you could participate in one of these successful partnerships.

Call Shawn at 217-343-0755 if you have any questions.

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